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Could we learn to be an Animist Society?

The ‘we’ of Western civilization is not currently practicing a way of life where the other-than-human are acknowledged for their agency and personhood, and where reciprocal caring and respect for multi-species communities is commonplace. This may be a crucial underlying reason why we continue to significantly contribute to the dire ecological crises we currently face. From this perspective I consider the question, could we learn to be an animist society?


Is Freya Mathews Ontopoetics the answer to arne naess’s Ecological Self?

An exploration into the concepts of an Ecological Self, Ontopoetics, and ways to engage with and access better ways of relational being.


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Becoming a relational Being?

(A previously unpublished and updated essay exploring the Ecological Self, Ontopoetics, and Relational Being from my time at Schumacher College).