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Jarrett Grove Intersection Painting

Jarrett Grove Intersection Painting

The Jarrett Grove Intersection Painting was a project that Joe helped lead and facilitate from 2015-2019. Contributing the design concept and co-leading the organizing, fundraising, and community engagement that has helped improve the relationships and local community in many beneficial ways. 

The project stands as a living burst of beauty that has become an iconic part of the neighborhood.

Jarrett Grove Portland, OR 2015

Village Building Convergence (VBC) & City Repair Project

The Village Building Convergence is an annual city-wide 10-day event in Portland, Oregon. An event created by City Repair that has been ongoing since for over 20 years now.

Joe has volunteered, helped organize, and supported the VBC since 2009. Including help run the kid zone and participated in multiple projects city-wide, as well as helped with event planning/decorating for the annual event sites.

The City Repair Project collaborates with communities to cultivate and facilitate community-led artistic, equitable and ecologically-oriented placemaking.

City Repair has numerous programs throughout the year beyond the largest annual program, the Village Building Convergence. In addition to their own programs, they also support individuals/groups to nest their programs under their nonprofit umbrella if there’s alignment.

Their offerings incredible opportunities like and annual Permaculture Design Course, Houseless Village Building, Pollinator Pathways, and Ephemeral Placemaking, and Earth Day Events. These have been accessible and beneficial experiences for thousands of folks in the greater Portland area, and beyond. 

Joe attended the Permaculture Design Course back in 2011 and has been honored to be a part of the greater goings on of City Repair for over a decade. 

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